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Re: [zzdev] Problem converting old gzigzag data sets

On 20001014T044813-0400, Marlene Mallicoat wrote:
> There was indeed a new directory called NEWSPACE (in my case HolmNew), but
> when I ran gzz013 using it, the data was not there.  Just to doublecheck, I
> looked in the HolmNew directory and saw that the dimensions d.children and
> d.marriage were not in that directory.

I've confirmed this problem, and we have a probable explanation and a
probable strategy for a fix.  However, I'm going to be away starting now
(very little email access on thu and fri and spending weekend on sat and
sun), so I'll be able to start fixing it on Tuesday.  If it's urgent,
I think Tuomas may be able to fix it earlier.

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