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Two hashtables per cell? No way!

Benjamin, could you *please* figure out a less wasteful way of storing the
texts in languages than having TWO hashtables per cell? That seems like a
fairly heavy price to pay.

I do want internationalization but we can't bog down the system because of
it. At the very most, it should be one hashtable PER LANGUAGE plus one
hashtable of languages.

It also would have been better to for example leave the current system
as is, and *PARALLEL* to it, build a new system which associates with each
cell-language pair a string or a span. That would have required far less
substantial changes and would not slow down those who do not use it.

Also, the fact that the PrimitiveActions depend on the language of the
*view* so much makes the situation a bit difficult. I think I'd almost
prefer a model where there are simply different ZZSpace objects for the
different language accesses, so that no code that *uses* the space would
need to be affected at all as deeply as it is now.