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ReRe: [zigzag] Folding spreadsheets | How clones work

>Very original and possibly useful, but you've got it backward.
>A clone cell doesn't have the connections of its master,
> only the contents.  So the guaranteed same contents can be
> in more than one place.  If you want to link those contents
> in the same dimension twice, you clone them.  Right now the
> visualization is crude, but it'll get better.
>Best, Ted

If the clone cell had the contents of its master, that would
mean storing the cell contents twice.  Wasteful and expensive 
if the cell contained graphics.  I assume you mean the clone 
cell _visualizally_ looks like the original.  I assume the
clone cell contains a reference to the original cell, either/or
via a bidirectional link or a cell reference in the cell content.
(a bidirectional link would allow a user to scroll though a 
series of clones, a cell reference in the cell contents would be
a direct link)

Visually, you could edit the clone but it is original that would
change internally.


At 02:03 AM 11/09/99 +0900, you wrote:
>Your thought:
>>OK, I think I get it.  You would clone the whole spreadsheet.
>>The individual cell contents would be maintained in the orginal
>>dimensions of the spreadsheet.  In the clone dimension, each
>>and every cell would be copied but their would be no contents
>>in the cells themselves (or there might be a cell reference
>>indicting where the cell contents are maintained).  
>>What would be copied would be all the horizontal and vertical 
>>links from the spreadsheet.  And each empty cell in the clone 
>>dimension would have a link to the orginal contents along the 
>>clone dimension.