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Folding spreadsheets in zzspace

Let's say you were working on a spreadsheet of the solar system.
It would start as 3D -- one axis is properties, another is planets,
another is moons.  Lets ignore the moons axis for simplicity.
Assume that properties are along the x-axis.

Suppose you wanted several ways to look at the data, by rearranging
the properties.  Since a maximum of two links per dimension is
allowed for each cell, you would have put the rearrangments on 
another dimension.  In doing so, there is no easy way I can think
of to show the rearraged spreadsheet as a table.  And to cursor
horizontally along the data would require a whole bunch of links
to be broken and resewn together (for every row).

One solution would be to store different arrangements in separate
versions.  You wouldn't need to use an extra dimension.  You would
need a command to break and create links all the way down the list.

Alternatively, you could fold the extra dimension into the properties

Or you could be satisfied simply to see just one column of data at a
time (however, you would not be able to tell what planet or moon the
piece of data referred unless you memorized the list).

Anybody have any better solutions?