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Re: [zigzag] Folding spreadsheets in zzspace


Hint: rearrangements are what clones are for.

Best, Ted

At 10:12 AM 9/8/99, you wrote:
>Let's say you were working on a spreadsheet of the solar system.
>It would start as 3D -- one axis is properties, another is planets,
>another is moons.  Lets ignore the moons axis for simplicity.
>Assume that properties are along the x-axis.
>Suppose you wanted several ways to look at the data, by rearranging
>the properties.  Since a maximum of two links per dimension is
>allowed for each cell, you would have put the rearrangments on 
>another dimension.  In doing so, there is no easy way I can think
>of to show the rearraged spreadsheet as a table.  And to cursor
>horizontally along the data would require a whole bunch of links
>to be broken and resewn together (for every row).
>One solution would be to store different arrangements in separate
>versions.  You wouldn't need to use an extra dimension.  You would
>need a command to break and create links all the way down the list.
>Alternatively, you could fold the extra dimension into the properties
>Or you could be satisfied simply to see just one column of data at a
>time (however, you would not be able to tell what planet or moon the
>piece of data referred unless you memorized the list).
>Anybody have any better solutions?
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