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Re: [zigzag] Re: [zigzag] Folding spreadsheets in zzspace

At 05:07 PM 10/09/99 +0900, you wrote:
>Hint: rearrangements are what clones are for.
>Best, Ted
OK, I think I get it.  You would clone the whole spreadsheet.
The individual cell contents would be maintained in the orginal
dimensions of the spreadsheet.  In the clone dimension, each
and every cell would be copied but their would be no contents
in the cells themselves (or there might be a cell reference
indicting where the cell contents are maintained).  
What would be copied would be all the horizontal and vertical 
links from the spreadsheet.  And each empty cell in the clone 
dimension would have a link to the orginal contents along the 
clone dimension.

Then in the clone dimension you are free to do rearrangements.
I would assume you would have a tool which would break or create
an entire column or entire row of links.

This solution sounds elegant enough.  I am gaining more confidence
in the zzspace concept.

To make it complete, all there is left to duplicate is the ability
to make a heading stand still while you are scrolling through 
contents.  This would require a new window in zzspace (per axis) 
and a function to freeze a cell.  Probably something that will 
appear in future versions of zigzag.

By the way, I think a good definition of zzspace would be this:
"ZZspace consists of cells which can contain text, pictures,
sounds or other media.  These cells can have as many as two links
(in a positive or negative direction) per dimension."

Until I figured that out zzspace didn't make much sense to me.