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Re: [zzdev] [zzdev] Query: Technical description for key binding actions?

On Fri, Feb 15, 2002 at 01:41:39PM -0500, Jan Theodore Galkowski wrote:
> First time here.  I'm interested in building a version of ZigZag
> for Windows using Dolphin Smalltalk.

Welcome aboard!

> I understand the zz model, I believe.  And I've seen the "Initial
> ZigZag key bindings" list.  Many of these are self-explanatory.
> However several aren't.  Is there a document available by FTP
> or Web that defines what the standard or default behavior of
> some of these actions should be?  Failing that, how about a
> reference implementation with available source code?

These are now somewhat out of date, but you may still find them helpful:


Hope that helps,
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