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[zzdev] Query: Technical description for key binding actions?


First time here.  I'm interested in building a version of ZigZag
for Windows using Dolphin Smalltalk.

I understand the zz model, I believe.  And I've seen the "Initial
ZigZag key bindings" list.  Many of these are self-explanatory.
However several aren't.  Is there a document available by FTP
or Web that defines what the standard or default behavior of
some of these actions should be?  Failing that, how about a
reference implementation with available source code?

I understand there also is a Web implementation but that's not
complete from what I've seen and read.

I understand the demo is a bit of a reference implementation and
that it is important to keep ZigZag implementations fluid as
better ways of doing things are discovered.  However, I want to
capture and preserve the experience of Ted, Marlene, and everyone
with ZigZag as codified in the functions and actions that have been
found to be useful.

Thanks for any pointers.


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