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Re: [zzdev] [zzdev] Query: Technical description for key binding actions?

Hi Jan,

Jan Theodore Galkowski schrieb:
> First time here.  I'm interested in building a version of ZigZag
> for Windows using Dolphin Smalltalk.


Are you interested in cooperating with us, the GZigZag
<http://www.gzigzag.org/> team? We're working on an implementation in
Java (the most ambitious implementation of ZigZag so far), and we are
trying to fix some basic interfaces independently from implementation.
If you do a new ZZ implementatation, it would be nice if we could agree
on something there.

> I understand the zz model, I believe.  And I've seen the "Initial
> ZigZag key bindings" list.  Many of these are self-explanatory.
> However several aren't.  Is there a document available by FTP
> or Web that defines what the standard or default behavior of
> some of these actions should be?

Not that I'm aware of. Actually, I'm rather sure there is none.

> Failing that, how about a
> reference implementation with available source code?

There's the Perl prototype, and the GZigZag prototype, and that's that.
However, feel free to ask any specific questions here, and I'm sure
somebody will be able to help you.

> I understand there also is a Web implementation but that's not
> complete from what I've seen and read.

No, and as far as I know it, it will certainly not be of help in getting
the key bindings right (Les, please don't take offense in this if I'm misinformed).

> I understand the demo is a bit of a reference implementation and
> that it is important to keep ZigZag implementations fluid as
> better ways of doing things are discovered. 

One thing that is especially important is to make the key bindings
configurable inside the ZZ space. In the end, this is more in the spirit
of ZZ than any specific set of key bindings can ever be.

(Of course, you may choose not so start with that.)

> However, I want to
> capture and preserve the experience of Ted, Marlene, and everyone
> with ZigZag as codified in the functions and actions that have been
> found to be useful.

Have you taken a look at GZigZag 0.6.0 (do not use 0.6.1; it will
probably not run correctly) available at www.gzigzag.org? If not, you
should do so; its key bindings are close to the Perl version but contain
some additions, and they have proven quite useful so far.

> Thanks for any pointers.

Would be nice to hear more from you.

- Benja