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IRC (was: Re: Query: Technical description for keybinding actions?)

Jan Theodore Galkowski wrote:
> > P.S.: We, the GZigZag developer team, are also using the #gzigzag
> > channel on IRCNet. If you like, you can also join us there besides
> > using
> > this list.
> Hey, I looked for #gzigzag on IRCnet out of New York City,
> then Stuttgart.  Where do I find it?

Not sure of how much help I can be here, as I don't understand IRC too
well (just enough to use it :) ). The servers I use are irc.leo.org:6669
and irc.freenet.de:6665, if that helps. You can also access the logs at <http://himalia.it.jyu.fi/gzigzag-logs/>.

Can someone else elaborate?

- Benja