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Re: :zz: We should standardize XML transmission of ZZstrux

Brilliant technology this hashing. I am so pleased that someone here
actually uses it for its original purpose (unlike me!). Adam, how would
you feel about giving us a little WTRG talk about proper hashing in the
New Year? And what hash algorithm are you using for this purpose? I'd
imagine that the ones used in cryptographic applications are exactly the
sort of thing you want for filing stuff.

I also want to hash documents for a repurposed cryptographic algorithm I
have in mind and if you are using SHA or MD5 then perhaps you would be
willing to assist with this experiment? Wouldn't take much effort and
could result in being able to tamper-proof documents and bits of
documents, and to be able to get back the correct document. It might be
possible to ensure that smaller parts of documents are not transcluded,
i.e. to have a minimum chunk size, by insisting on correct hashes and by
reinstating the full chunk where the received one is incomplete (i.e.
deemed to have been tampered with).


On Mon, 26 Nov 2001, adam moore wrote:

> Greets!
> Actually, I use hash tables and linked lists - I serialise into XML as one
> of many in/output-type things - I'm fairly neutral about the exact format
> of the XML - maybe I'll give it a hard, attacking think during some of my
> <cough/> free time *8-)
> On Fri, 23 Nov 2001, Leslie Carr wrote:
> > At 08:14 22/11/2001 +0900, Ted Nelson wrote:
> > >There are now four different XML structures for ZZ--
> > >  - as used in Gzz
> > >  - as used by Les Carr
> > >  - as used by Ian Heath
> > >  - as used by Adam Moore
> > >
> > >Is anyone interested in mooting a standard?  So we can EXCHANGE?
> > 
> > Gzz and Leszz both use variants of XML.
> > 
> > Gzz.xml consists of a cells list followed by lists of dimensions (and the 
> > connections in each one).
> > Leszz.xml consists of a list of cells where each cell contains a list of 
> > connections to each dimension.
> > 
> > Either format is easy to produce by a fully-zz-enabled application.
> > Outside that environment (e.g. using awk to process a slice in order to 
> > produce a data file to send to a graph drawing program) either one of these 
> > perspectives may be most useful, depending on the app. (Unsurprisingly, I 
> > have so far found the Leszz form to be most helpful.)
> > Perhaps an interchange form should redundantly contain BOTH perspectives.
> > 
> > Of course, in the future there will be NO applications which are 
> > zz-unaware, and the above is not a significant point :-)
> > 
> > Leszz also contains a lot of other stuff (tutorial defn's etc) which should 
> > soon be folded into the cell structure.
> > ---
> > Les
> > 
> > 
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