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Re: :zz: We should standardize XML transmission of ZZstrux


Actually, I use hash tables and linked lists - I serialise into XML as one
of many in/output-type things - I'm fairly neutral about the exact format
of the XML - maybe I'll give it a hard, attacking think during some of my
<cough/> free time *8-)

On Fri, 23 Nov 2001, Leslie Carr wrote:

> At 08:14 22/11/2001 +0900, Ted Nelson wrote:
> >There are now four different XML structures for ZZ--
> >  - as used in Gzz
> >  - as used by Les Carr
> >  - as used by Ian Heath
> >  - as used by Adam Moore
> >
> >Is anyone interested in mooting a standard?  So we can EXCHANGE?
> Gzz and Leszz both use variants of XML.
> Gzz.xml consists of a cells list followed by lists of dimensions (and the 
> connections in each one).
> Leszz.xml consists of a list of cells where each cell contains a list of 
> connections to each dimension.
> Either format is easy to produce by a fully-zz-enabled application.
> Outside that environment (e.g. using awk to process a slice in order to 
> produce a data file to send to a graph drawing program) either one of these 
> perspectives may be most useful, depending on the app. (Unsurprisingly, I 
> have so far found the Leszz form to be most helpful.)
> Perhaps an interchange form should redundantly contain BOTH perspectives.
> Of course, in the future there will be NO applications which are 
> zz-unaware, and the above is not a significant point :-)
> Leszz also contains a lot of other stuff (tutorial defn's etc) which should 
> soon be folded into the cell structure.
> ---
> Les

Dr Adam Moore
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