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Re: :zz: We should standardize XML transmission of ZZstrux

At 08:14 22/11/2001 +0900, Ted Nelson wrote:
There are now four different XML structures for ZZ--
 - as used in Gzz
 - as used by Les Carr
 - as used by Ian Heath
 - as used by Adam Moore

Is anyone interested in mooting a standard?  So we can EXCHANGE?

Gzz and Leszz both use variants of XML.

Gzz.xml consists of a cells list followed by lists of dimensions (and the connections in each one). Leszz.xml consists of a list of cells where each cell contains a list of connections to each dimension.

Either format is easy to produce by a fully-zz-enabled application.
Outside that environment (e.g. using awk to process a slice in order to produce a data file to send to a graph drawing program) either one of these perspectives may be most useful, depending on the app. (Unsurprisingly, I have so far found the Leszz form to be most helpful.)
Perhaps an interchange form should redundantly contain BOTH perspectives.

Of course, in the future there will be NO applications which are zz-unaware, and the above is not a significant point :-)

Leszz also contains a lot of other stuff (tutorial defn's etc) which should soon be folded into the cell structure.