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Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] Re: [zigzag] GZigZag runs on Mac OS X

On Thu, Nov 22, 2001 at 06:58:46PM +0200, Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho wrote:
> On 20011122T151650+0100, inSECT22 wrote:
> > looking fwd to playing with 0.8+   (.jars?)
> We're waiting for it to pass our testsuite before we start doing alpha
> releases.

inSECT22: feel free to use CVS and join our development process.

> >   i assume that develpment isnt happening on sourceforge anymore??
> It is, it's just not very active right now.

I'm working on ZZ half-time and for the past 5 weeks I've been in the
other job, and will take that time back during december and january.