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Is there a ZigZag Wiki?

Dear ZigZaggers, I'm new to zigzag but I am really amazed about the concept.
ZZ can be the next step in computing I think.

I am interested in what you are doing with ZZ and what the directions
are-but the mailing list is rather hard to follow, and there seems to be no
main entry point into the thing. When I read something I dont know wether
this actual or outdated. So I wonder if there is a wiki for ZZ?

I don't know if you are familiar with the concept of a wiki. A wiki is a
website on which everybody can add, edit and remove pages, link etc. It is
in fact applied zigzag, however without named dimensions (the first wiki is
the C2 wiki at http://c2.com/cgi/wiki)

A wiki is great for managing the great amounts of different things people
are thinking about on such a project like ZZ. In contrast to a mail-archive,
a wiki is not time-based, as discussions are archived where they belong.
There could be pages for data structures, apps, ideas etc, and cou can
directly write your comments on the actual page or make a new one.

If there is no wiki for ZZ, I'd happily set one up. I am working at the
tyrolean cancer research institute, so I could do it on our computers. The
computers are not that fast, but for the beginning it will suffice
I don't know how many people are using ZZ, but as long as the number of
active people is < 500 I think our computers will be enough. Our network
connection is fast, and I could set up a dedicated server for the wiki in a
few days. We dont have a domain name, so we'd have to use an IP address to
access it.

Please tell me your comments....I feel a wiki would really faciliate

Yours zigzaggly,

Manuel Simoni