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Re: [zigzag] GZigZag runs on Mac OS X

Hi Istvan--

This is good news.

Can you tell me how it runs on the previous Macs?
 At this point I would buy an Imac if it runs better than
 in Windows.  

I believe Ed Harter had it running in an earlier version
 of the Mac, but I don't know the details.

Best, Ted N.

At 11:51 AM 11/19/01 GMT, you wrote:
>There are no problems to run GZigZag 0.6.1 on Mac OS X. 
>Download the JAR file (in my case with modules), place it 
>in a desired folder, start up Terminal, do cd to the 
>folder, where the JAR file resides and gave  the 
>command: "java -jar gzigzag-0.6.1-with-modules.jar 
>cellscrollfile". I'm using an iMac 400MHz DV with 192MB RAM.
>Istvan Gersner
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