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:zz: Review of my ZZ data situation at Keio

Hi Andrew--

To review the conversation we just had ("just" meaning
 before I had to crash in exhaustion) (please correct any
 error that may have crept into my soggy brain):

1.  You established this evening that, to your satisfaction,
 zzdata sets now at CNS can be opened from all the relevant
 CNS computers.  (List to follow for confirmation.)

2.  It has become clear that UNFORTUNATELY the zzdata
 created on Linux systems (Happydoodle and Dumbo,
 my Vaio) are not compatible with the CNS zzdata sets.

You can, with some bother, move them by hand from the
 Linux to the CNS format.

In the meantime I can go on working with my Linux datasets
 SEPARATELY from the CNS datasets, but you'll have to
 move them by hand as needed.

(And unfortunately your backup of the CNS datasets onto
 Happydoodle does not allow them to be USED on Happydoodle.
 That's an entirely different problem.)

This incompatibility will be corrected in the next version
 of ZigZag.

But BEFORE THAT, you will create a converter program
 between the two formats, since you say it isn't much trouble.


0.  I'll have to go on working separately on the Linux and
 CNS versions of ZigZag as mutually incompatible, as if
 they were English and French-- or Catholic and Protestant.

1.  You will convert the distribution data that went out with 0.50
 -- a LINUX dataset-- to be viewed from CNS, and put it
 into my public_html/zigzag directory under the name
 so my students can explore it.

2.  I will be able to work on the datasets already at Keio
 to create handouts for my students.  

(Fortunately these individual datasets do not need to be
 combined with one another at the present time, though
 I hope to combine them later.)

3.  Happydoodle will be a mothership for new work on
 the Vaio, since they both have the same zzdata format
 and I can move things easily by floppy disk, even without
 the network.


Anyhow, Upward and Onward!


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