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:zz: Getting ZZ to open automatically at Keio

Hi Andrew--

(Please confirm that this is correct before I
 confront CNS with it.) --------------------------------

To review our discussions of the day:

to get a ZZ file to open automatically when a
 URL to that file is clicked--

1) there has to be some stuff in the server;
2) there has to be some stuff in each browser.

I will discuss this with the folks at CNS, as follows:

1)  Could they please add a mime-type to their table
 with the name
 and which is associated with the suffix

2)  Could they please reconfigure the browsers
 to open zigzag as a helper application when 
 a file suffixed .zz is opened?

We'll at least see what they say.

(This comes after I talk to them about jfax format.)

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