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Re: [zzdev] User's view on Cell IDs

> If you don't mind, I'd like to start discussion on the subject again:
> should the user see the cell IDs? At the moment they are shown in the
> views and they are discussed in the draft version of the User's Guide.

Well, at least I haven't find the function very useful, been
kind of wondering what's the point of learning numbers by
heart. ;-) 

But we need a way to jump to certain cells. 
> My opinion is that we should restrict cell IDs to be something
> absolutely internal to the software. 

I agree.

> learning some "magig" numbers by heart - for convience, we could
> introduce support for d.bookmarks or something.

Just had a discussion about the issue with A-J, he says
we could make the user a separate bookmark window or
something. Not a bad idea.

Hmh, but I'm not leaving the "jumping to a cell with the help
of the cell ID" out yet. It's good to have all the functions 
there, because then people can criticize, say "do we REALLY need
this" (what Tuukka just did).