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Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] User's view on Cell IDs

On 27 Oct, Katariina Ervasti wrote:
> But we need a way to jump to certain cells. 

But you do agree that a shortcut dimension would suffice?

>> learning some "magig" numbers by heart - for convience, we could
>> introduce support for d.bookmarks or something.
> Just had a discussion about the issue with A-J, he says
> we could make the user a separate bookmark window or
> something. Not a bad idea.

Sounds extremely useful. Something simpler could also do: Why not
create a rank of important places, poswards from the home cell along
d.shortcuts? All the normal editing - hopping and delete - would work
right away. We could just add a binding for "add the current cell to
the shortcut list". 

The user would then use this new binding when she creates a new
important cell. Whenever she needs to get to one of these, just press
'Home', rotate to show d.shortcuts (also a key binding?).

Definitely, when the multi-window scheme is ready, I'd like this "go
home and rotate to show d.shortcuts" to happen in a new window.

Something like this, and the 'only locally euclidean' could concretely
mean something to the users =)


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