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Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] How to use Mark?

> > How do I connect two cells that I've marked?  In the previous versions, I
> > would connect them by using the CNCT (XorY) (-or+) actions.
> Press dash (-) - direction.

I have wondered the logic of this function. 

Anybody willing to tell me WHY the same '-' key is
used when you don't want a loop and when you want 
a loop? 

If you don't want a loop (and at least I don't want
a loop that often), you always have to remember not
to mark the last cell you want to connect. I (for
some strange reason) always forget.

Suggesting the following: 
1) using '-' and a direction key for connecting marked cell 
(NOT a loop)
2) using a new key (what key, I dunno) and a direction key
for connecting marked cells (makes a loop)

Or something like that.

I dunno if it makes any sense, it's just an opinion,
but I hate pressing 'undo' and unmarking the last 
cell every time I make a loop when I don't actually
want a loop.