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Re: Comments on gzigzag-0.1.pre2

On 20000926T224906-0400, Marlene Mallicoat wrote:
> 2.  It's difficult to use the edit window when all the text is highlighted
> in blue or green or red (depending on cursor, mark, etc).  It was best when
> it was just black text on white background.

This has been fixed in CVS, and the fix will appear in 0.1.3.

Note that the fix works automatically with newly created (or -new -dcold
'd) spaces only.  With older (created with 0.1.0, 0.1.1 or 0.1.2 or
recent snapshots) spaces you need to manually add the "bgcolor - 0xffffff"
parameter to the Edit View (in the All Views list) to make use of the fix.

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