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Re: [zzdev] Comments on gzigzag-0.1.pre2

On 20000926T224906-0400, Marlene Mallicoat wrote:
> Here are some bugs/suggestions, in no particular order:

Ok.  None of them are fatal, though, so I'll let them wait for 0.1.1 or
0.2.0, depending on the amount of code changes required.  I'll release
0.1.0 today.

(Remember: stable does not mean bugless, it means not moving.  Stable is
where you know which bugs you should work around and how :-)

> 1.  The lines showing connections between cells are sometimes *go through*
> the cells, instead of just between them.  For example, move the cursor to
> cell 265 ("vanishing" next to "View").

That's a misfeature, related to your point 4.  The line that goes
through is, I believe, connecting the top cell to the bottom cell,
ie. it's the loop connection.  I believe it'll be fixed eventually
together with point 4.

> 2.  It's difficult to use the edit window when all the text is highlighted
> in blue or green or red (depending on cursor, mark, etc).  It was best when
> it was just black text on white background.

True.  The current Edit window is a quick kluge I whipped up for the
demo back when you were here.  It'll need to be fully rewritten
(will have to wait for the 0.2 series).

> 3.  Text in the edit window cannot be highlighted, for example if I want to
> delete a block of text.

Related to point 2.

> 4.  Where are the beautiful splines showing cell connections?  I personally
> think the jaggy replacement lines are not remotely as appealing.

I believe fixing this is a TODO item for Tuomas.  However, it will
probably have to wait for the 0.2 series.

> 5.  I can't tell you how I got to this point, but at some point in my
> fiddling, the control keys for the left window (s,f,e,c) started
> controlling the cursor in the right (Data) window.

I think I've heard of this before.  It may be possible to fix this in
later releases in the 0.1 series.

> 6.  When I pressed Enter while the left cursor was on the ZZMBox.create
> cell, I got two new windows (mailflob and mailsingle) with gigantic big red
> letters saying "RASTER ERROR" and the windows were shivering violently.

Known.  I'll leave evaluating and fixing this to Tuomas and Vesa.

FYI, Tuomas is away until 2000-10-08.

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