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User's Guide


> Actually, it would be interesting to form some kind of 
> collaborative effort to expand on what little has been
> published in the way of a user's manual.

I'm back, which means that after a break of three weeks
I'm working with GZigZag again. And the user's guide is
one of the first things that I'll start with. (Tuomas wrote 
the first draft while I was away.)

Anyway, the Hyperstructure Group has a new project 
(we are collaborating with some people from the department
of psychology) and I need to devote 60 % of my work time 
for that project. BUT I'll try to make a better version 
of the user's guide before the GZigZag workshop (14th and
15th of October), we certainly need that.

Any ideas for making the user guide (and the whole web site)
better are gladly accepted.

cat who has soon be working with the Hyperstructure
group for one whole month already ;-)