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Re: Plagiarism? Or bad technology?

Rich Pasco wrote:
> It seems that Mr. Osako pasted my text into his mail, without inserting
> either "Rich Pasco wrote:" or the ">" marks in front of my quotation, as
> is the evolving custom on the internet.

Yes, that is apparently his quotation style at present.

> I do not ascribe malice to Mr. Osako, but I am surprised that in an
> organization like Xanadu, whose ascribed purpose is crediting original
> authors, something like this would slip through the cracks.

This is an unmoderated mailing list, and neither Xanadu nor myself claim
any editorial control or responsibility for messages posted by participants.
So play nice and work it out amongst yourselves.  I do, however, reserve
the right to suspend or remove individuals from the list at any time.

> My request of all participants in this discussion, is that we
> appropriately credit the original authors when text is being quoted. 
> Thank you.

A very sensible request which I will happily second, though I do not intend to
be responsible for enforcing it.

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