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Re: Transclusion Issues

Jay Osako wrote:
> [Jay Osako]  My understanding is that document b still points to document a,
> which (under Xanadu) is still available. if author B wants to comment on the
> modified document a', then he'd write the new commentary c (possibly linking
> it to b to make b') and link it to a'.   It is possible, however, to link to
> a second link instead of a document directly however. If the 'handle' (I thnk
> there is a special term for this, but I can't recall it) points to the link
> 'section a@ of current version of a', then the newest version is included
> instead of the one current when it was made. On the user's end, they'd select
> something like 'hot link' or 'update automatically' when making the link, and
> that would be it.   Is this more or less correct by the current desing, or am
> I wrong?

Something like that, yes.

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