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Re: Plagiarism? Or bad technology?

Peter Schmidt wrote:

> as there is no signature in any of Mr. Osako´s previous messages stating
> a position in the Xanadu "Organization", why do you think he is a part
> of it? He is a member of the Xanadu "Familiy" for sure, but generalize
> this, and blame the Xanadu "Organization" is a bit unfair.

Sorry, no offense intended.  I used the word "Organization" carelessly,
when I really meant "Family."  I wasn't clear on the distinction.

What I meant to say was that, since Xanadu stresses crediting authors,
even of brief quotations, it surprised me that Mr. Osako (obviously on
the Xanadu mailing list) would quote my entire post without once
mentioning my name.

Andrew Pam wrote:

> So play nice and work it out amongst yourselves.  I do, however, reserve
> the right to suspend or remove individuals from the list at any time.

I didn't ask for any administrative intervention, and I don't ask that
Mr. Osako be removed from the list.  I just ask that everyone be
sensitive and properly attribute quotations.  Thanks.

     - Rich