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Re: Plagiarism? Or bad technology?

Rich Pasco schrieb:

> Something is wrong here.
> This morning I posted a message to this list "Re: Transclusion issues"
> which began with the words,
> > Perhaps I am still missing something in my understanding about
> > transclusion.
> Imagine my surprise when I found exactly the same words posted this
> afternoon with no trace of my authorship remaining (my name was not
> even mentioned in the subsequent post), and the header
>   From: Jay Osako <josako@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> I am concerned that casual readers might believe those words to have
> been written by Mr. Osako, since after all, he didn't say who else
> wrote
> them.
> It seems that Mr. Osako pasted my text into his mail, without
> inserting
> either "Rich Pasco wrote:" or the ">" marks in front of my quotation,
> as
> is the evolving custom on the internet.
> I do not ascribe malice to Mr. Osako, but I am surprised that in an
> organization like Xanadu, whose ascribed purpose is crediting original
> authors, something like this would slip through the cracks.
> My request of all participants in this discussion, is that we
> appropriately credit the original authors when text is being quoted.
> Thank you.
>      - Rich

Dear Rich,

as there is no signature in any of Mr. Osako´s previous messages stating
a position in the Xanadu "Organization", why do you think he is a part
of it? He is a member of the Xanadu "Familiy" for sure, but generalize
this, and blame the Xanadu "Organization" is a bit unfair. I know that
espacially Ted and Andrew, who are definitely part of the Xanadu
"Organization" (look at their signatures), are very much aware of the
matters you brought up, and i can´t remember any contribution to this
mailing list with a wrong quote of authorship.

Basically this here is a mailing list of people who are interested in
the Xanadu idea. Not everybody who sends a contribution to the list is a
member of the Xanadu "Organization".

OTOH i am kind of happy that there are people out there who are really
concerned about the basic matters in the Xanadu "Concept", who think
about contributions to a list as a whole, not only consuming it,
filtering some counterpoints, and flaming against each other.

That´s all from my side ...



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