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Plagiarism? Or bad technology?

Something is wrong here.

This morning I posted a message to this list "Re: Transclusion issues"
which began with the words,

> Perhaps I am still missing something in my understanding about
> transclusion.

Imagine my surprise when I found exactly the same words posted this
afternoon with no trace of my authorship remaining (my name was not
even mentioned in the subsequent post), and the header

  From: Jay Osako <josako@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I am concerned that casual readers might believe those words to have
been written by Mr. Osako, since after all, he didn't say who else wrote

It seems that Mr. Osako pasted my text into his mail, without inserting
either "Rich Pasco wrote:" or the ">" marks in front of my quotation, as
is the evolving custom on the internet.

I do not ascribe malice to Mr. Osako, but I am surprised that in an
organization like Xanadu, whose ascribed purpose is crediting original
authors, something like this would slip through the cracks.

My request of all participants in this discussion, is that we
appropriately credit the original authors when text is being quoted. 
Thank you.

     - Rich