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Re: Greetings

On Wednesday 09 January 2002 05:27, Andrew Pam wrote:
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> Secondly, you assume that people with less money do not have valuable
> content of their own to offer.  While the large corporations that have
> evolved in our current society are benefited by a producer-consumer
> structure, especially publishing companies who gain economies of scale by
> promoting small numbers of high profit "bestsellers" rather than a larger
> (and more diverse) number of products, it is not at all clear that the
> same factors hold true on the Internet where peer-to-peer relationships
> are far more effective than ever before.  Surely people in Africa have
> stories of their own to tell that might be of financial value just as
> much as in any other country.

Hi, Andrew:  I confess I must be eating the pages, instead of reading the 
words.  PERFECT!   Exactly.  Both consumers and producers.  Got to remember 
that.  Well, then, I think your last sentence above shouts for support from 
the world community.   A system for the People, By the People, and the 
promise of opportunity waits.  Thanks for your remarkable patience and