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Re: Greetings

On Tuesday 08 January 2002 13:46, (¯`·.¸¸.->Michele Yontef wrote:
> <<tom poe wrote: Hello:  Am I on the right list for general
> discussion of Xanadu?  If so, is there an archive of recent
> messages?  Thanks, Tom>>
> This is the right list, I have been on it a year however and
> don't recall receiving messages yet (I apologize if I have
> missed any).  I would also appreciate an archive.
> Respects,
> Michele

Hi, Michele:  Well, let's start, then.  I'm in Reno, Nevada. I have a dim 
memory of a hyptertext program from 1990, 1991, I think, that ran on DOS, 
with a GUI, and one could put an anotomical figure on, then build a medical 
dictionary, etc., from there.  Nosed around a little with it, then wandered 

In 1998, I learned a little about XML, and put up a demo page on the web, in 
anticipation of XLINK revolutionizing our Web as we knew it.  The powers, 
if-you-will, hated the idea of the Internet moving too fast, and, here we 
sit, today, with no progress of note to show for the last three plus years.  
Take a look, if you want:
When you get there, and you select a term, a frame within the window displays 
an xml file that uses a combination of .xsl stylesheet, and CSS in order to 
function.  Scroll over the earth image, and read what is "supposed" to happen 
when those W3C.org yodels get going, someday.

Now, this morning, I learn that hypertext is happening on the web.  Wow.  
This would be marvelous.  So, I want to get caught up with recent 
developments, status, etc.  Imagine if this approach throws a craw in the 
works, and does what XLINK was touting.  And, more importantly, let's us 
users get at information without relying on the jerks on Wall Street deciding 
what we should know and not.

Have you tried the downloads, yet?  I'm running linux PIII with 550MHz, 15 GB 
HD, SuSE7.1, KDE2.01, and assorted apps.  
Happy New Year!