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Re: Greetings

On Tuesday 08 January 2002 14:37, Billy Tanksley wrote:
> From: tom poe [mailto:tompoe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> >Hello:  Am I on the right list for general discussion of Xanadu?
> Yes.  However, it seems that there's a new development: www.sunless-sea.net
> has been taking Udanax apart for some time now, and I'd never heard of it.
> This list, on the other hand, hasn't had traffic in ages.
> >If so, is there an archive of recent messages?  Thanks, Tom
> I don't know.
> -Billy

Hi, Billy:  I just responded to Michele, and that message should arrive, 
shortly.  I introduced myself, and some background.  How about you?
Happy New Year!