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Re: Greetings

Yes, you're on the right list, but there is little traffic.  You
can find an archive of the messages at:


though it does not appear to have had any postings since October 2000.

I run the www.sunless-sea.net website, which also has little new
discussion, but I have worked (and still am) to put up old message
archives from the original development of Xanadu, to try to
stimulate ideas.  I have some limited contact with the original
developers who feed me source and documentation as their time
permits, which I then cleanup and put on my site.

Admittedly there is no shiny new Xanadu software at sunless but
I think you will find it at least some solid technical reading.

-Jeff Rush

tom poe wrote:
> Hello:  Am I on the right list for general discussion of Xanadu?
> If so, is there an archive of recent messages?  Thanks, Tom