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Re: Greetings

Hi, Andrew:  

On Tuesday 08 January 2002 20:04, Andrew Pam wrote:
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> Lack of access to the Internet?  You tell me.

Nope, put the computer on the table, and access is a heartbeat away, then.  
There's a nice article at the bottom of the page that illustrates the "magic" 
that lies in Third World countries at:

Nope, It's the MONEY!  You're adding to the cost of accessing information.  
The problem of gaining access to the Internet is one thing, but then if the 
user is paying royalties to information providers, then the cost goes up.  
Big problem for an awful lot of Third world residents.

> > Nope.  Xanadu is just one more scam on those who wish to perpetuate
> > illiteracy at the expense of those less fortunate.
> What on earth are you talking about.  Xanadu in no way excludes third
> world nations or users.  Are you suggesting that we should devote our
> time to specifically assisting those in poorer nations?  While it is
> certainly appropriate to consider how our designs can be used by all of
> humanity, we are not a humanitarian aid organisation and it is ridiculous
> to suggest that we should take on their work.

Andrew.  I am suggesting that you/we should devote our time to specifically 
assisting those in poorer nations.  For example, how difficult would it be 
for you to edit your home page with a short little statement to the effect 
that Xanadu project -project encourages all publishers to participate in its 
global responsibility to make as much information as possible to third world 
nations through - - - whatever.  As I understand it, publishers and users are 
identified on the system in some way.  At whatever level the gateway is 
established, is probably a good point to structure affordable information for 
the population within that segment.  Such an approach envisions Public 
libraries use on the Internet.  Those in need, can be subjected to second 
class status through their own population segment.  May be a little clunky, 
but a real sales obstacle is taken care of by such banter.  

The only other thing that comes to mind, at this point, is the possibility of 
coming at this from the other end.  If a Public Internet library is 
established, and arranges for funding to pay all royalties, and in turn, acts 
as the screening agent for those who would apply for assistance, then Xanadu 
keeps right on truckin' and everyone's happy, and no need to change the 
system as designed by you folks.  And, quite an impressive feat so, far, IMHO.

> > Well, let's fix that little glitch.  This stuff is open source?
> > Does anyone know what the situation is with udanax?  Is it software
> > that can be placed on a server and client that tracks the documents?
> The Udanax code is open source, yes.  If you want to work on it and
> deploy it in third world countries I'm sure we would all be delighted.

> > Anyone point me to the manual?
> http://www.udanax.com/
> http://www.sunless-sea.net/XanaduInfoArch
> Hope that helps,
> 		Andrew