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RE: Greetings

From: Andrew Pam [mailto:xanni@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
>The purpose of having a royalty system is because there is a 
>amount of content of a distinctly different type that is presently not
>readily available online (or at least not legally):  Valuable content
>created by people whose primary source of income is content creation
>and who cannot afford to feed, clothe and house themselves if they give
>their creative efforts away for free.  Most of the existing 
>content on the
>Internet is created by people who can afford to give it away at no cost
>since they derive their income from other sources.

This is a little off-topic, but have you guys checked out the 'royalty'
system in Mojonation (http://www.mojonation.net)?  Essentially, they created
a system whereby you pay using an invented currency, called 'mojo'.  Mojo
can be produced by anyone, but it has value according to what it can be used
for; Mojonation itself produces one currency, which is of use to pay for
their services, while a bandwidth provider could produce another to provide
for its services.  Like real currency, exchange rates would form, some mojo
would be universally acceptable (and thus act as money) while others would
trade at a discount.  You can pay for content, storage, transport,
processing time, almost anything the network can offer.

>	Andrew Pam