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:skx: Are frames and tables related? (was Re: [zzdev] Re: (Resendo of Dirt-Simple Interface Specs):

Dominus spake thus:

>Frames and tables are not related.  

Well, insofar as they make orthogonal grids
 in a Web page, they are *similar*, as the
 grasshopper is similar to the kangaroo;
 and I think of that as a relationship.
 In biology, to say that the grasshopper
 and kangaroo are "not related" is to deny
 phylogenetic near connection.  But they
 do share strong analogic, structural and strategic

Best, T

At 07:19 PM 11/6/98 -0500, you wrote:
>> 4)  I'm a little suspicious of frames and would like
>>  to compare the malleability of both ways.
>Frames and tables are not related.  
>Frames split the browser window into several different windows, each
>of which displays different content.  Tables just arrange pieces of
>text and pictures and things into a grid.
>I was suggesting tables, not frames.
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