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Re: [zzdev] Re: (Resendo of Dirt-Simple Interface Specs):

Hi Mark-J--

Thanks for your quick analysis.

Actually Andrew and I had decided to try it
 both ways.

I wanted the method described first because
1)  quicker,
2)  I'd understand the code better,
3)  it would allow some interesting playing with
 color and effects (colored dimensions and more),
4)  I'm a little suspicious of frames and would like
 to compare the malleability of both ways.

Best, T

At 08:36 AM 11/5/98 -0500, you wrote:
>> 11111111a22222222b33333333
>>  c        d        e
>> 11111111f22222222g33333333
>>  h        i        j
>> 11111111k22222222m33333333
>>  n        o        p
>> 11111111q22222222r33333333
>>  s        t        u
>> 11111111v22222222w33333333
>> The numerals will be replaced by fixed-width characters.
>> (At first we will ignore the special case of the cursor.)
>If you draw the whole thing as an HTML `table', then
>A. You won't have to use fixed-width text
>B. You can tell the accursed table cells to to have green 
>   or blue backgrounds, as appropriate.
>This is just a sugegstion, and not a demand for changes.
>Everything else in the message would stay the same as what you said.
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