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Re: Oooops big problem in zigzag implementation

It's part of the topsy-turvy madness of the computer world
 that you could do DB inside ZZ, or ZZ inside DB, etc. ...


At 11:23 AM 11/2/98 +1100, you wrote:
>Mark-Jason Dominus wrote:
>>>> There is no efficient way to find out what links there are from a
>>>> particular cell.  You have to grovel over the entire database
>>>> looking for the links.
>I had always envisaged (although I don't think anybody -else- has!)
>that for large sites we could swap the DBMS storage for SQL storage
>where we can use a two-attribute key instead of the messy hack (the
>dim+thingy) we have to use with the DBMS.  That'd mean we could
>"SELECT bar WHERE bar" to pretty neatly find the links going any
>which way.
>It's one of my vague plans to write a new Cell.pm (filename?  not
>sure, you know what I mean!), now it's module'd out, to use SQL and
>see how it works for much bigger (ie: 100's of mbs) DBs.
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