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Re: [zzdev] Re: Oooops big problem in zigzag implementation

Mark-Jason Dominus wrote:
>>> There is no efficient way to find out what links there are from a
>>> particular cell.  You have to grovel over the entire database
>>> looking for the links.

I had always envisaged (although I don't think anybody -else- has!)
that for large sites we could swap the DBMS storage for SQL storage
where we can use a two-attribute key instead of the messy hack (the
dim+thingy) we have to use with the DBMS.  That'd mean we could
"SELECT bar WHERE bar" to pretty neatly find the links going any
which way.

It's one of my vague plans to write a new Cell.pm (filename?  not
sure, you know what I mean!), now it's module'd out, to use SQL and
see how it works for much bigger (ie: 100's of mbs) DBs.


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