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Re: Oooops big problem in zigzag implementation

> >There is no efficient way to find out what links there are from a
> >particular cell.    You have to grovel over the entire database looking
> >for the links.
> Yes, it's a little like "Go fish"-- "Give me your tens."  "Sorry."
>  etc.

Yes.  But that's bad, because there is no way to implement an
efficient copy operation.  If the user has two cells like this:


and wants me to copy them and the connection between them, there is no
way to do that, because there is no way to find out that they are
connected without playing tedious guessing games.  

> >It is something to watch out for when you design the
> >real implementation.
> Correct, it something to watch out for.  But by
>  "real implementation" ... ?-)

I thought that the current program was just a demonstration to get
people interested, and that you were going to be doing it over again
from scratch later.  That's not the case?