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Window management and Emacs (Was: July wishlist)

> Full-screen cell view with quad window.  

I think it would be better if it managed windows similar to the way
the emacs editor does.  In emacs, you can create and destroy windows
operations apply to the current window.  There are key sequences for:

	Split the current window horizontally
	Split the current window vertically
	Change the size of the current window
	Destroy the current window and expand the other windows to fit

In ZigZag, each window would have its own cursor.  Most operations
could take place in the `current' window instead of in some predefined
`data' window.  The user could still have a `data' and an `action'
window if they wanted.  This would free up half the keys on the
keyboard.  Instead of having sfecDd dupplicate the functionality of
jli,Kk you would just use jli,Kk for everything; if the data window
was selected, the keys would move the data cursor, and if the action
window was selected they'd move the action cursor.

Attached is a picture of a typical emacs session.

mjd@xxxxxxxxx                                             Mark-Jason Dominus
mjd@xxxxxxxxxx                              Plover Systems, Philadelphia, PA

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