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Re: [zzdev] Window management and Emacs (Was: July wishlist)

Hey, I know and admire emacs.

HowEVer, I am trying to steer this development project
 (inadequately but bravely staffed) in a particular direction
 which I consider coherent.

Additions and variants are welcome, but let's put them
 in variant compilations.  That way at least one of us
 (with seniority) gets exactly what he's wanted a long time.


At 07:45 PM 11/1/98 -0500, you wrote:
>> Full-screen cell view with quad window.  
>I think it would be better if it managed windows similar to the way
>the emacs editor does.  In emacs, you can create and destroy windows
>operations apply to the current window.  There are key sequences for:
>	Split the current window horizontally
>	Split the current window vertically
>	Change the size of the current window
>	Destroy the current window and expand the other windows to fit
>	(etc.)
>In ZigZag, each window would have its own cursor.  Most operations
>could take place in the `current' window instead of in some predefined
>`data' window.  The user could still have a `data' and an `action'
>window if they wanted.  This would free up half the keys on the
>keyboard.  Instead of having sfecDd dupplicate the functionality of
>jli,Kk you would just use jli,Kk for everything; if the data window
>was selected, the keys would move the data cursor, and if the action
>window was selected they'd move the action cursor.
>Attached is a picture of a typical emacs session.
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