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Re: July's wish list (resend)-- There's lots more

> COPY, CUT and PASTE operations.  

Those doesn't really make sense in ZigZag. 

Cut what from where?  In MacWrite, text is on the `page', and `cut'
removes it from the `page' and copies it to the Clipboard.

In ZigZag, there's no `page' and no global notion of `location'.  Each
group of cells imposes its own local geometry.  You don't need to
`remove text from the page'.  You just want to disconnect some cells
from the group.  The `break link' command already does that:

	A1 -- A2 -- A3 -- A4
	B1 -- B2 -- B3 -- B4

Let's `cut' the B cells out of this picture.  They don't need to `go'
anywhere; all that's necessary is for us to break the link from A1 to
B1 and they've been `cut'.

Similarly, `paste' makes no sense.   If there are cells, and you want
to include them in some structure, you don't paste them into place;
instead, you make a link.  

I already did `copy', but it's not like the conventional `Copy' that's
part of cut-copy-paste.  With `their' copy, you have to say where you
want to copy it to.  In ZigZag, you don't copy to anywhere; you just

I really thought it was bizarre to see this request from someone who
hates the `electronic paper' model as much as you do.