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Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] A view for mind managing

"B. Fallenstein" wrote:
> One thing I noticed: Have you considered using FlobFactory.centerFlob()
> instead of FlobFactory.makeFlob()? centerFlob() should place the center
> Does that make sense?

Probably it does. Thank You.

I'm just a poor GZigZag user who copied FlobFactory.makeFlob() calls from
Tuukka's Compass View. So, I had no idea that also FlobFactory.centerFlob()
exists :) Anyway, those cells "lying a little to the lower right" don't
bother me just now - the view works enough for my own use, but I'll try
centerFlob() on some day. Just now I'm too busy or not enough motivated O:-)

Asko Soukka @ http://www.iki.fi/asko.soukka/