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Re: [zzdev] A view for mind managing

"B. Fallenstein" wrote:
> The screenshots look _extremely_ nifty. I want to use the view!
> (currently trying to make sense of the source...)
:D Remember, I warned You :)
I'll try to give some tips:
The main drawing function is called recursively for different levels.
"float kerroin" is a coefficient of drawing size for the current level.
"int l" is realted to the distance between levels.
"int levelA" is related to the drawing depth of upper levels.
"int levelB" is related to the drawing depth of sublevels.

Maybe You should also check at the modified BallCell.java at
http://www.iki.fi/asko.soukka/temp/zigzag/misc/ .
Tuukka helped me to create line divisioning for too long cell contents when
using Ball&Stick -cells.
Good luck :)
Asko Soukka @ http://www.iki.fi/asko.soukka/