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Re: [zzdev] :zz: Orthoplex or Hypergrid? You decide

Ted Nelson wrote:
> Since then I remembered an earlier generic term I'd proposed for it--
>  "hypergrid".  This might be a little clearer and I like it slightly better.
> It turns out that both of them are used.  For what it's worth, 'orthoplex'
>  has "about" 360 entries at Google, 'hypergrid' has "about" 142.
> Since what is chosen is *not* my trademark, I put it to everybody
>  to decide the best term (as long as it's not too much like "zigzag" :).

Ted, everybody,

I've been thinking about the name issue too and one name I very much
like is "mangrove"-- the tropical plant that grows in all directions.

With respect to 'orthoplex' and 'hypergrid': 'Orthoplex,' to quote
Katariina Ervasti's spontaneous reaction, "sounds boring." (I
wholeheartedly agree.) I like 'hypergrid' slightly better, but on the
other hand, it sounds too darned technical, or at least
science-fictionish. Can't we do any better?

- Benja