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:zz: Orthoplex or Hypergrid? You decide

To the greater ZigZag/orthoplectic community:

As you know, "ZigZag" is my registered trademark, intended for systems
 under my design direction.

However, other people will be doing other stuff that I hope is compatible,
 and so I suggested at the workshop in Denmark that we needed a generic
 term.  I suggested "orthoplex". and "orthoplectic" as the adjective.

Les Carr found out that this also has some meaning in mathematics.

Since then I remembered an earlier generic term I'd proposed for it--
 "hypergrid".  This might be a little clearer and I like it slightly better.

It turns out that both of them are used.  For what it's worth, 'orthoplex'
 has "about" 360 entries at Google, 'hypergrid' has "about" 142.

Since what is chosen is *not* my trademark, I put it to everybody
 to decide the best term (as long as it's not too much like "zigzag" :). 

Best, Ted

Theodor Holm Nelson
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