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Re: :zz: Orthoplex or Hypergrid? You decide

> I put it to everybody
>  to decide the best term (as long as it's not too much like "zigzag" :).

The naming of cats is a xxxx matter; it isn't just one of your everday games

I guess it depends what the intention is: what are we trying to communicate,
and to whom. My gut feel was that 'orthoplex' was a good name because it
sounds technical rather than whimsical, and because it is (partly)
self-explanatory. I feel comfortable with putting "orthoplex" or
"orthoplectic software" in a funding proposal or technical article. The
problem with "hypergrid" is that any word with "hyper" on the front makes
people think that its just about the Web.

Not that it should determine the outcome of the discussion, but I registered
orthoplex.org after the workshop.