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Re: [zzdev] This community

> _Would someone do the public community a
> favor of explaining what exactly the power dynamic is here?_ Who's
> paying for work?  What expectations do they have of being able to
> direct development?  Who's leading development?  Who has final say on
> feature development?


The confusion may be mostly because GZigZag is a cross between a research
project and a free software project, think e.g. mosix rather than linux.

I'm the lead developer, but am currently on sick leave. I lead the 
research group at Jyväskylä University which is getting funding mostly
from Sonera, and this pays the salary for AJ, Kata, Rauli, Tuukka, Kimmo
and Vesa.

We are in a collaboration with Ted, and the deal is that he gets to spec
a "director's cut" version which is exactly what he wants it to be. 

Sonera is not telling us what to do with the core system but they want
some applications. On feature development, it depends on the feature. If
it touches the core of the system, Ted and me, but in the Modules/ subdirectory
everything is free - that's the bazaar part ;)