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Re: [zzdev] This community

On 20010122T230957-0800, Jared Rhine wrote:
> This community has one of the oddest group dynamics I've encountered
> in an open source project.  Specifically, I've received a number of
> suggestions recently that primary maintainers are compensated directly
> for their work on gzigzag.  _Would someone do the public community a
> favor of explaining what exactly the power dynamic is here?_ Who's
> paying for work?  What expectations do they have of being able to
> direct development?  Who's leading development?  Who has final say on
> feature development?

Tuomas is the lead developer.  I and many others in the Jyväskylä team
are employed by the University of Jyväskylä in various temporary research
positions, some full time and some half time, in Tuomas' research group
"JYU Hyperstructure Group".  I'll leave explaining the funding of the
project to Tuomas.

Tuomas himself has a position as "research doctor" in the University.

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